Suhui does the best to supply the gift design and producing for the customer, and we sure the best friendship showed on gift base on its good quality and innovative design. So we always make the gift planning based on the sales products, field,company field, activity, target customers and other elements of customer. According to the project design andplanning, we will make an in-depth communication and discussion with customers,do segmentation based on the plan, refine the elements of gift, and give theculture to the gift. Follow the customer requirements, we will invite a numberof senior designers and process master of design, looking for direction andproduced a destination point, and give proposal to the customer, reach aconsensus, and do deeper communication with our customers after the samplefinished. On this step, we will make a detailed analysis on aspects oftechnology, cost factors, packaging, logistics, and so on. For the quality ofproduct and ensure the customer needs to achieve perfect, we set up leather creativefactory in Shenzhen (Buddy Industrial Co., Ltd, and buildthe strategic partnership with many professional factories in the worldwide.


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