Independent R & D


The independent R&D from SOHUI is basedon a long-term strategic planning. According to the development of the industryand the concept of more contribution of national brands, SOHUI is continueaccumulating since the founding of the companynot only expands on the productappearance and structure but also makes efforts in new products’ R&D.Revolutionary products with new function, new use, new market and new futureare the persistent pursuit direction for SOHUI people.

Successful case:

Prospective product strategy, implement forward-lookingcore technology and R&D team with innovation ideas are all important. SOHUItook nearly seven years to perfect R&D process, expend and smooth thefuture way. From now on, the company independent R&D team has developed threeseries of binding machine and has been updated to the third generation, whichcumulatively sales for more than 70000 units and achieve nearly RMB 300million. SOHUI also developed 2 series of automatic tools that filled nearly 10technology gaps in China and abroad.

Team building

SOHUI’s engineer team extended from 2 to 19project-planning engineers, including the structural engineer, electronicengineer, appearance designer, etc. Meanwhile, SOHUI has set up cooperationmechanism with several institutions, colleges and universities in China andabroad to develop talents. Through constantly improving and enhancing technicallevel, SOHUI’s R&D team has become the first-class professional team inChina that able to create inventions and innovation products, to update andupgrade products and combine optimization.

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