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Forward-looking product strategy

Forward-looking is the core and foundation to ensure the success of enterprise R&D as a core of R & D that any R&D team can not avoid. Only with a high degree of market sensitivity and position for the future of the target customers, company can prospective defined and refined products. The forward-looking is also the key to maintain and enhance the leading position for enterprises, for instance, IBM and Microsoft. Each R&D case from SOHUI is based on a forward-looking perspective. SOHUI always overall grasps products’ future trends and deeply expounds and proves the R&D timeliness to obtain the unparalleled result of R&D process.

Achieve the core technology of forward-looking

The core technology is basic guarantee for realizing the forward-looking products. Great products are always based on revolutionary theories and have core technology as support. The excellent R & D team of SOHUI has not only experienced development in this area for seven years, but also learning and progress for seven years. SOHUI remains the spirits of constant technology innovation and continuous learning, continues to maintain the leading position of the core technology in this industry, which is also the fundamental assurance for SOHUI people to maintain a leadership position in the fierce R&D market.

The perfect commercial marketing strategy

Perfect products need perfect business marketing strategy. After collecting the elements such as exposition of products with superior technology, perfect products details, professional marketing cases and strategic marketing ideas, SOHUI’s professional business marketing strategy team gives deeply researches and plans. It contributes to guarantee target market and customers to have good cognition and recognition, and provides a steady stream of intelligence support and strategic services in order to seize the initiative in the market occupation process to get a head start for the innovative products.

  • Independent R & D

    Mission: The independent R&D from SOHUI is basedon a long-term strategic planning. According to the development of the industryand the concept of more contribution of national brands, SOHUI is cont

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  • Business R & D

    SOHUI and many first-class companies from China and abroad work inpartnership to build tailoring cooperation project for enterprises which iscalled business R&D. It is based on the market sensitivi

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