Sohui’s electric appliance designexperience is mostly from home electric appliance, which is an important areawe will further develop in future. In our previous design experience, we focusmore on good user experience and attractive product image. We don’t hope to seeintelligent function totally control product design and customer’s actualusage, this will weaken product vitality. We appreciate and respect more aboutusage style and habit of some traditional products. People can properlyparticipate in product activity, which will create more communicativepossibility and stylish solution. This feeling in product is becoming less andless because of high technology. Sohui will face over intelligence of productwith own point of view, helping partner to find importance of personality inproduct life. We should pick up people’s action and feeling and mix these withtechnology perfectly, which is very important.

Our sevice

Apperance design, function design,structure design, shape and package design, brand planning

Definition of Appliance design

Put electric appliance as target, overalland partial innovation of product appearance, function, structure, shape andpackage with several kinds of subjects to optimize all aspects of electricappliance, make it more practical , good- looking, economic. Moreover, alsoplay a key role in improving product added value, making product seriation,increasing product core-competitiveness and upgrading industrial structure.Designers take overall consideration of factors ,like people’s use habits,characteristics, preference, research and make analysis on product function,performance, price, use environment, market position, combing elements of material,craft, color, environment protection and cost, finally make electric appliancemore applicable, scientific, realize the idea ”Design optimize life, designperfectilize life”


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